Heat Treatment Facility

  • 8MT Afeco make Electric Heat treatment furnace
  • 2MT LPG fired Heat treatment furnace
  • 4MT LPG fired Heat treatment furnace
  • With water quenching & graph recorder

Material Handling facility

  • EOT type cranes for handling of heavy castings
  • Capacity :
    2MT = 2 no
    3MT = 1 no
    5MT = 1 no
    7.5MT = 1 no

Electrotherm make coreless Induction melting furnaces with 2 panels

Capacity: 1 no each of 1000kgs, 750 kgs, 500 kgs & 300 kgs

MCS make UTM machine & Impact testing machine

Pattern storage facility with sliding racks

Tech know blast make Spinner Hanger type shot blasting machine

Capacity = 2.5MT/Hr

Bruker Quantron, German make Optical emission spectrometer with online molten metal testing facility

Store – Raw material storage area with racks for easy access to required raw material