Steel Foundry in India

Steel, Alloy Steel, Stainless Steel, Heat Resistant Steel Casting Manufacturer

We manufacture various steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, HRCS & SG Iron castings up to 7MT single piece for Thermal Power plants, Ship building, Automobile Tool-room, Planetary gearbox, Pumps & Valves & Crusher Manufacturers, facilitated by manufacturing techniques like simulation, SOPs & providing end to end solutions from patterns to machined parts with a team of technically competent & motivated employees

Our Foundry Capability

Material : Steel, Alloy Steel, Stainless Steel, Heat Resistant Steel, SG Iron (Ductile)

Casting Range : Weight: up to 7000 kg

Value Addition : Heat Treatment, Machining, Quenching, Sub-assembly

Annual Volume : 3600 MT

Our Infrastructure

Pattern Storage

Being a Jobbing type foundry, we are required to maintain pattern equipment, safely for a long period. We have a well laid pattern storage area (40m x 9.5m x 10m) for easier storage & handling of patterns.

Considering available 10m height, we are planning to have a rack type arrangement with articulated stacker crane for storage of patterns. The in-house pattern shop facility is qualified for periodic maintenance and reconditioning of patterns.

Parikh Metacast Pattern Storage


We use AutoCAST Simulation Software (Virtual pouring) which predicts the complete casting process including filling, solidification, cooling and allows the qualitative prediction of various properties of the cast product. We use this facility for methoding which saves actual shop trials and saves time in producing good castings at first go. The necessary method cards are made for every item and are preserved.

Parikh Metacast Methoding

Parikh Metacast Moulding Sand Mixer


We use Alpha set No-bake process for Moulding and have Omega Sinto make continuous sand mixer, with Auto-blend 2000 unit, with output capacity of 20MT/hr sand. Additionally, we have Omega Sane make complete sand reclamation plant with 100MT of sand storage hopper. The "Auto-Blend" unit constantly monitors the temperature of the incoming sand and compensates for fluctuations in temperature by altering the proportion of fast to slow catalyst


At the melting section, we have 4nos Electrotherm make Coreless Induction Furnaces

i. 450KW furnace panels for pot capacity 750kg & 1000kg

ii. 1500KW furnace panels for pot capacity 3000kgs & 5000kgs

The furnaces are equipped with new technology of Melt evaluator which shows the KWHr reading, excess units consumed for heat & does the auto sintering process. The melting section has online molten temperature measurement facility. It also has full-fledged fume extraction system installed, considering environmental norms.

We have Various ladles from 300kg to 8MT with Lip & bottom pouring arrangement and 5MT treatment ladle for production of SG Iron castings.

Melting Actual Pouring
Melting Actual Pouring

Fettling Shotblasting Machine
Heat Treatment Furnace


We use following equipment’s for removal of runner, risers & for finishing of castings.

• Shot-blasting machine with spinner hanger arrangement of 7.5MT capacity

• Auto Cycle controlled, Automated, smokeless, 15MT gas fired HT furnace with 2 Fixed Hearths & a Mobile furnaces.

Additionally, we have 8MT Electric HT furnace with a manipulator for Rapid quenching, to meet the technical requirements. These furnaces are auto-controlled and are connected through SCADA for all necessary interpretation & reports. Necessary calibration of the HT furnaces has been done as per API 6A standard.

QC, Testing & Inspection Facilities

We strive to exceed the quality requirements of our esteemed customers. This is possible because of our strict in-process controls at all levels. We keep necessary checks at each stage of production, with continuous monitoring, feedback and alterations. We have a team of efficient & courteous employees having sound experience in their relevant fields

In order to ensure the physical & dimensional properties of our products, our Quality Control Department has following facilities

  • Sand testing lab equipped with various equipment’s like: Sieve Analyzer, Core gas determination, Permeability tester, Muffle furnace, Clay washer, Sand strength tester etc.
  • Bruker Quantron make Spectrometer Q4 Tasman which can test 21 elements & has Fe & Ni channels. We also have sample polishing facility.
  • The Physical lab consists of 40T MCS make UTN Machine with extensometer and impact testing machine.
  • Required marking table, with necessary callipers & other measuring instruments for dimensional inspection.
QC, Testing & Inspection Facilities
QC, Testing & Inspection Facilities
Sand Testing lab

NDT Testing

NDT Testing

At Parikh Metacast, we are committed to achieve 100% customer satisfaction by consistent performance on all Quality parameters. We have facilities to conduct all NDT tests like UT, DP, MP and RT as per customers’ requirements. All these tests are done and reviewed by a team of qualified personnel. Relevant certificates are issued to customers during the despatch. We also have qualified NDT Level 2 personnel to conduct & review the NDT tests.

Inspection by Third Party Agencies

  • We have experience in manufacturing castings to the required quality for use in marine industry, under 3rd party Inspection of IRS (Indian Register of Shipping), BV (Bureau Veritas), American Bureau of Shipping (ABS), CQAE (WE), Tata Projects Limited & LRS etc.
  • We have successfully supplied various castings under third party inspection for OE customers like Walchandnagar industries ltd, L & T Ltd, Alstom Projects (I) Ltd, Shri Nagesh Engineering Industries Pvt Ltd, Kirti Marine Industries etc.
Inspection by Third Party Agencies


Segments We Serve

Segments Served : Auto Toolroom Manufacturers, Material Handling Equipment Manufacturers etc.

Our Products

Our Strengths

Consistent & reliable input material.

Self-motivated team with required competencies & tonnes of experience.

Adapting required automation in manufacturing processes.

In-house facilities to meet Machining & NDT requirements.

Striving to meet our ever-growing customer needs.

Numerous Third-party inspection agency approvals.

Competitive cost/price with committed delivery.

Adaptability & flexibility to innovations.

We Promise

  • Benefits to Our Esteemed Customers & Employees
  • Sustain & Improve Our Environment
  • Transparent Communication
  • Quality Product
  • Fair Price
  • Timely Delivery

Robust QMS Implementation

Our quality management system adheres to ISO 9000:2015 and we are committed to maintaining a Quality Management System (QMS) implemented at all levels of the company to assure that products and services meet our customers’ requirements and applicable regulatory requirements.

Our employees are trained to incorporate quality into the foundry process, allowing us to consistently deliver porosity-free, pressure-tight castings meeting dimensional tolerances.

We maintain a clean and well-lit facility conducive to quality production. The quality tools such as RCA, KAIZEN, waste management, 5S & visual factory are also being used for continual improvement

Product Quality, On Time Delivery and Satisfied customers are the result of our QMS culture.

Parikh Metacast ISO Certificate

Our Happy Customers